ITIT Pilot Project Presented at NECTM 8

Infection Tracking in Travellers Using A Mobile App (ITIT) : The Pilot Study 

Nadja Hedricha, Thibault Loveya, Esther Künzlib, Gilles Epéronc ,Ulf Blanked, Blaise Gentone, Andrea Farnhamab, Mika Kawanof, Patricia Schlagenhaufag


Current surveillance of travellers’ health is top-down and captures only a small proportion of illness events. We aimed to evaluate the usability and feasibility of the ITIT app for travellers to self report illness.

Materials and methods:

This pilot study assesses a novel mobile application called Illness Tracking in Travellers (ITIT) that records travel-related symptoms with associated geolocation and weather data. Participants were recruited in three Swiss travel clinics between December 2021 and March 2022. A feedback survey was used to examine app ease of use and detailed feedback from participants, and data from the app was used to examine travel and illness patterns as a proof-of-concept for the larger ITIT study.


63 participants were recruited from Zürich, Basel, and Geneva, of which 37 completed at least one daily questionnaire.  A total of 394 questionnaires were completed in 116 locations in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, including 6 participants from the Beijing Olympics. 41 % of participants reported at least one illness symptom, 67% of which were respiratory. The post travel questionnaire showed that 63% of users used the country information tool and accessed outbreak alerts. All participants found the app easy to use and 63% said they would recommend it to others. Several users provided suggestions for improved usability.


The app fulfilled its function as a research tool linking infection symptoms with geolocation and climate data. Certain improvements including a personalised travel and symptom itinerary will be implemented in the final version of the app for release in April 2022.

ITIT Project Rolls Out Throughout Europe

After the successful completion of the pilot project, recruitment for the full ITIT project has started in Switzerland, Berlin, Amsterdam, Marseilles, and more!

More than 250 participants have already shared their journeys throughout the globe.

Download the ITIT app today, and take part on your next trip!